How to Find Domain Owner of a Website in 2 minutes

To Find Domain Owner has never been This EASY

You want to find domain owner of a website?

So, you were planning to launch your website, and for that reason, you were pondering over different domain names for your site. But when you made a choice and went further for domain registration, you were shown a message “Domain is already taken” or any similar message like this.

Now you think that this is the end? And you have not any other option to get your dream domain name?

If you think like this then we have a good news for you, YOU ARE WRONG!

Yeah, we really mean this, and in this article, we will tell you that there is still one way which can lead you to get your dream domain name.

Yes, still there is a possibility that this method doesn’t work for you but at least you should try it because if it worked, then it will be a big achievement of you.

The purpose behind buying a domain

Before we jump to our actual topic, it is important to understand that what the purpose of people is when they buy a domain.

Case 1: Some people buy a domain and use it for their active website (an i.e. website which is running). In this case, there is near to 0 % chance that you will able to get any response from the domain owner. So you should not waste your time trying to contact the domain owner regarding the sale of his domain.

Case 2: Some people buy a domain but do not use it. But how would you know that they are not using it? Because when you will go to that domain address (i.e. www.[domain-name].[domain-extension]) you will either see a blank page or a landing page by a web hosting provider. So, in this case, there is near to 100 % chance that this domain is for sale.

Case 3: In this case, the website is LIVE against the domain name. But the owner is not updating it anymore. Maybe the domain owner stopped uploading content and moved onto something new. So in this third case, there is a 50 % chance that you can buy the domain name. Or even you can also get an offer to purchase the site along with the domain name if that site is no longer in use of the domain owner. But definitely, there will be then an additional price including the price of the website depending on its traffic.

The advantage of knowing Domain Owner details

This process can be helpful for various reasons. So it is important for you now to know the advantages of this process before you actually start it.

• You get connected with the owner

When you get to know that who owns a domain, you can easily contact the owner and get in touch with him and query him regarding the purchase of the domain or his plan to sell the domain.

• Reaching Out to him before it’s late

You can check the expiry date of any domain by using ICANN WHOIS. It will help you to reach out the domain owner just before the expiry date or the renewal date of the domain and make an offer for that domain.

• Verification of your own information

It also benefits you to verify your own domain’s information which you bought in the past with a plan to sell it in the future.

Online Tools to find out who owns a domain

So there are many tools available online to check domain that whether it is available or not, named WHOIS Lookup Tool. You can use any of them. This WHOIS lookup tool allows you to search domain and check for the availability of that domain name, its registration or expiry date and its owner’s information.


But we also want to mention here that if a domain owner wants to hide his/her information so that it cannot be viewed by anyone using WHOIS lookup tool, there is a service called “WhoisGuard privacy protection service” for the domain owners which hides their private information. Due to security concerns, most of the websites nowadays are using this service.

Next thing to do once you have found out the domain owner

If you have successfully found the contact details of the domain owner, you should simply contact the owner through email or phone number and show your interest in buying the domain.

But if the contact details are hidden, you can just simply go to the site and contact the owner through the contact form (provided mostly on the contact page of the website).

And if you cannot handle this process by yourself then you can also hire a domain broker who will charge a fee to you and will handle the whole process of negotiation and transfer of the domain.


So, now you must have understood this whole process of finding the domain name owner and the usage of the WHOIS lookup tool.

Final advice is that if a domain owner is not willing to sell you his domain or asking too much money for this, you must withdraw from this losing situation and continue your domain search until you reach the domain that is a perfect fit for you in every aspect. Good Luck!

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  1. Shawn Richardson Reply

    Thanks for this article. It is really well written and the writer made this whole process very simple. Before reading this article I thought it is nearly impossible to find domain owner but now I think it’s not a big deal at all. Keep posting such stuff. It really helped me. Cheers!

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