5 Best Web Hosting Providers in Pakistan in 2018

Are you here to know the best web hosting providers in Pakistan?

Web Hosting Companies which will make it easy for you to host your website?

Are you confused to decide which web hosting provider to select, as there are so many options available in the market?

Or did you have a prior experience of web hosting but due to your wrong selection of web hosting company, that experience resulted into a disaster?

So, don’t worry! We have your back. And we are here to make this process of selection, super-easy for you.

But before we move to the list of those best companies in Pakistan in this web hosting industry, it is very important that we highlight the significance of web hosting.

Importance of Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a very major and consequential step of website-building (or website-launching) process. And the decision that which web hosting company you select to host your website, really matters!

Suppose you are a running a successful online business and you know that your customers or visitors can visit your website at any time of the day, so it’s your duty to make sure that your website is always available to be accessed by your customers at any time, from anywhere, and never gets down. But what will you do if your site gets down? This is something which is not in your hands and you can’t do anything but to see yourself losing customers. Here comes the importance of choosing the right web hosting provider to host your website.

There is only one thing which is in your hands and if you do that timely then definitely you will not face this and other similar situations ever. And that is: doing the right selection when searching for web hosting companies.

It’s sad that in Pakistan there is not much guidance available for an ordinary and non-technical person, planning to build a website, regarding web hosting services and other sub-topics. So that’s why, after a lot of research, we bring for you this amazing list of best web hosting providers in Pakistan that you should definitely know before making your choice.

So here is the list, enjoy!

1- WebITech

best web hosting provider in pakistan

WebITech Corporation, originally from the USA, established in 2001, is a Premier web hosting company in Pakistan. They are known for their extraordinary web hosting services in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, India and Pakistan. WebITech is providing reliable, affordable, super-fast, safe & secure web hosting in Pakistan since the day one. They provide cloud hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers (both Linux and Windows based). They also offer awesome reseller hosting plans, which are so affordable for any beginner who is willing to start his/her own business. Moreover, they provide g suite for businesses and are authorized reseller of G Suite in Pakistan. And if you are looking for domain registration in Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad any other city of Pakistan, then the good news is that they also provide free domain registration to their clients.

Furthermore, if you are looking for the services of Web Design in Pakistan, then WebITech also provides their clients with their outstanding web design services. If you are looking for the services of Web Development in Pakistan, then let me mention here that WebITech is one of those very few web hosting companies of Pakistan, that along with web hosting, is also providing Web Development Services to their clients. It means that WebITech is an amazing combination of web hosting, web designing and web development. Other noteworthy features include E-commerce solutions, SSL Certificates, 100+ Plugins, Free Website Builder, 24/7/365 Support and 99.99% Uptime. So while keeping in mind all their remarkable features and inexpensive packages, choosing WebITech would be the best and wisest decision one can make as they are an ‘All-in-one’ and a ‘complete package’.

2- WebSouls

WebSouls was founded in 2002 to serve for web hosting solutions and services. They are also providing services like Web Hosting in Pakistan, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Web Designing & Web Development, SSL Certificates and branded SMS Service in Pakistan Market. They also provide an excellent customer support without compromising on their quality.

3- CreativeON

CreativeOn began in 2001, with an aim to assist small, medium and large size businesses, startups and developers to run their online business. CreativeON is providing web hosting solutions with a passion to deliver high-performance web services that boost their clients’ business profitability. They offer services both for personal web hosting and business web hosting. And for servers, they offer both VPS and dedicated servers. Their other services include SSL certificates and domain registration. They also offer web development services and e-commerce solutions.

4- Server Sea

Server Sea was founded in 2003 and are providing web hosting, web designing and development services to their clients. They believe that they have gained a respected name in the web hosting industry, just because of their emphasis on low cost and high quality. They also believe that they have a team that is strong in management, development and network engineering.

5- Nexus

Nexus Technologies was founded in 1998, with an aim of making the use of internet easy and simple for everyone. They provide web solutions like shared hosting, cloud hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, virtual domain and sub-domain hosting. They are proud to serve their customers by providing them with consultancy and training services.

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  1. Hassaan Khalid Reply

    Hey! Thanks for this much needed article. I had a very limited knowledge about web hosting and web hosting providers in Pakistan, but after reading this article I feel like now I know everything. Thanks for shedding light on the importance of web hosting and making it easy for me by providing the names of top 5 companies. As i needed it desperately, because I am launching my startup’s website this month. So I will go with WebITech as I have heard quite excellent remarks regarding it. Thanks again. Looking forward to your more articles.

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